Graduate CV Writing Tips to Launch Your Career

Having spent the last few years of your life studying for the careergdnhjjm of your dreams, in order to successfully step onto the first rung of your chosen career ladder it is essential that your CV sets you apart from the ever growing competition in today’s job market. In order to make your CV shout loudly and clearly to prospective employers to hire you, there are some simple and effective graduate CV writing tips that can be followed to guarantee your career dreams become a reality.

Are you in the top 5%? It’s well known that around 95% of all CVs end up in the bin so you need to take the time to create a unique CV that delivers an impression of you that not only keeps potential employers interested enough to save it from the office floor, but also leaves them wanting to hear more about why you might be the perfect candidate for the job.

To achieve this you must be prepared to tailor-design and tweak your CV towards each new role that you are applying for, illustrating that you have fully researched the

Top 5 Recruitment Tips for HR Professionals

1) Have a strong network of friends, colleagues, and familydjhyrfj members.

These days with the help of social networks such as facebook and twitter, it is quite easy to stay in touch with friends, colleagues and family members. This in turn could be used as a strategy to source candidates for a position that you are recruiting for. Note that by contacting one known person, you could ask for references of other suitable candidates for a given person. If they wish to refer more than one person, even better. Thus, for every contact that you establish, the chances of receiving useful references is more.

2) Have a comprehensive method of scrutinizing CVs you receive for a position.

The importance of reading a CV properly has been acknowledged by HR experts worldwide. Carefully understanding a candidate’s personal background, work experience, education et al is a significant factor in hiring. Even before conducting the initial round of telephonic interview, this must be done thoroughly by the recruiter. Note that by observing how many years a candidate has worked with each of his past companies, you can determine how

How to Prepare For Bank Interviews Group Discussion Tips

The qualifying in the written test for the clerical or probationaryzdjfzyjmfz officers calls for the next step of preparing well for bank interview and group discussions. Good communication skills are needed for this; so one needs to take steps to improve communication skills and make sure to prepare to give crisp and specific answers to the questions asked in the bank job interviews. Confidence combined with a pleasing personality and formal attire during the interview plays a positive role.

Preparation makes for success in bank interviews; inspiration combined with preparation to answer crisply would help convey a lot of positivity to the interviewer and influence ones selection. The most common questions that have open ended answers could be:

Could you tell me something about yourself?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Why do you want to choose a career in banking?

What are the important trends that you think would decide the future of banking in India?

Do you think you are the right person for the job?

Are you overqualified or under-qualified for the post?

Once one qualifies in the

Physician Recruitment Tips

Recruiting talent into an organization is a big challenge and this process is more challenging in the world of medical. Finding a perfect physician with the right combination of skills, experience and personality can be a complex task. However, just like other people, many physicians have maintained their accounts on social networking sites. But reaching them via these websites is not an easy task. Even contacting to a physician via telephone can be a terrible experience. And, if you contact with them by any chance, it is quite difficult to have a meaningful discussion. If you are looking for a talented physician, adequate amount of skill and resources are required to recruit a reliable one. These are few tips about physician recruitment for a new medical practice and family practice jobs.

The first step towards the physician recruitment is the posting of job vacancy on newspaper classifieds and online job-search communities. Newspaper classifieds and online job-search communities provide greater reach to potential candidates. There are many local chambers of commerce that offer the facility to post job openings for free. So, you can post your job opening on these chambers to hire an efficient professional. You can

5 Examples of Recruitment Strategies for Todays Job Market

Employing the best and brightest is essential to any business’s success, but finding talent for hire in this tough job market isn’t easy. The best candidates are already employed and reluctant to leave their current positions; unemployed candidates often apply for positions for which they are not a good fit. Savvy businesses are stepping outside of hiring norms and employing a variety of ambitious new recruitment strategies to get the right people on their teams. Here are five examples.

Talent Hunt

Some companies are foregoing traditional want ads altogether and proactively identifying candidates to recruit. Whether it’s an employee at a competitor firm whose work stands out or a hardworking retail associate who makes a great first impression, these types of recruits already meet certain requirements, saving HR staff the hassle of sifting through resumes from unqualified candidates or applicants who look right on paper, but aren’t a good fit with the corporate culture. Scouring online resumes, revisiting past applications and exploring discussion forums are other ways to identify talent.


Once a good group of candidates has been identified, allowing them to opt into the next step of the hiring process is an

Tips To Get Secure Job interview

Finding a job has become a challenging task these days due to various reasons like increased competition, bribe as well as recession. Always find a job that suits your interest and personality because only then you will be able to do complete justice to your work. Half-hearted work might fetch good results on the beginning owing to the pay you’ll be offered but as time passes by you will start feeling nasty on the thought of going to the office. Whichever field you choose while finding a job, make sure you do complete research over the kind of work you will be offered and if you can actually enjoy doing it?

After you have chosen your area of interest, next step would be to apply for a job in that field. Once you are called up for the interview, see to it that you don’t mess things up while you are being interviewed.When you think of a job interview, somewhere down the line it takes you aback and you go through a lot of questions in your mind regarding how the interview will go. It is sure to happen with anyone even if a person has been

How to Know a Good Recruitment Company when You See One

Looking for that next job because your present one is no longer suitable can be quite a challenging feat. In the past, you’d have to book your interviews during your lunch breaks just so you wouldn’t have to inform your boss that you are not quite happy with your current employment. Of course, there is always the option to quit before you have any prospects, but you also don’t want to simply let go of the financial security and other benefits you get from your present job without making sure that you have the next one in the bag. Thankfully, there are now some methods you can employ without compromising anything first. Check for payroll jobs and others like it, most of which can now be found online.

A very good move you can make is to sign up with a reliable employment agency. What’s great about these companies is that you won’t have to make any obvious phone calls or stand up from your desk until it’s time for that interview. Once you’ve registered with them and provided all the details of the kind of job you want, you usually just sit back, relax, and wait